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All possible configurations under the "HTML Integration" tab.

On this page, discover how to:

Integrate the Clickchauffeur module into your website

To integrate the Clickchauffeur module onto your website, go to “HTML Integration” and click “Copy” in the “HTML Code to embed on your website” section. Then, paste the copied code where you want it on your website.

Wondering how to embed HTML code on your site?

Here are some instructions depending on your website builder:


💡 Tip: If you hired a webmaster or a web agency, consider sending them the HTML code. They’ll likely be able to integrate it into your site within minutes.

Display or Hide the Map on the Module

You can choose to display or hide the map on the booking module.

To toggle the map:

– Go to “HTML Integration”

– Check or uncheck the “Display the map” option

– Click the “Save” button

⚠️ Warning: Remember to adjust the module height to fit the new configuration.

Recommended height:
– With map: 875
– Without map: 750

Enable Vehicle Choice

You can allow your customers to select a vehicle type.

To toggle this option:

– Go to “HTML Integration”

– Check or uncheck the “User can select vehicle type” option

– Click the “Save” button

💡 Tip: If you only offer one vehicle type, consider disabling this option to streamline the booking process for the customer.

Enable Round Trips

You can let your customers book one-way or round trips.

To toggle this option:

– Go to “HTML Integration”

– Check or uncheck the “User can select trip type” option

– Click the “Save” button

Resize the Booking Module

You have the option to resize the booking module.

To do so:

– Go to “HTML Integration”

– Set the module width in pixels

– Set the module height in pixels

– Click the “Save” button

⚠️ Caution:

Recommended minimum values:

Height: 875 px,

Width: 500 px

Set the Map to Focus on Your Location

To center the map on a specific location, provide the following details under “Map Center Coordinates”:

– Latitude

– Longitude

You can zoom in or out by adjusting the zoom level from 1 to 10. Click “Save”.

💡 Tip: To find GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude), visit Google Maps and click on your desired location, such as your city or business address.

The coordinates will appear in this format: 45.754113, 4.833756 (where 45.754113 is the latitude and 4.833756 is the longitude).

Configure a Web Page Redirect

You can set a redirect to a specific page on your site post-booking.

Simply input the desired URL.


💡 Tip: Using a redirect URL can help you track clients, especially if you’re using Google Ads. Anyone visiting that page has completed a booking.

Customize Icon and Button Colors

You can personalize the colors of the icons and button.

To adjust colors:

– Go to “HTML Integration”

– Pick a color under “Icon Color”

– Choose a color for “Button Color”

– Click the “Save” button