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Documentation -> Settings

Available configurations under the "Settings" tab.

In this section, discover how to:

Configure the Booking Module

To set up and customize the booking module:

  • Website URL: Enter the address where the module will be displayed. (e.g.,
  • Title or Image: Upload your logo or a title, displayed at the top of your module.
  • Time Zone: Set your desired time zone.
  • Save changes by clicking “Save”.

Set Country Restriction for Address Searches

Limit address suggestions to a single country by checking the “Country Restriction in Routes” under Options.

⚠️ Note: If you frequently or occasionally transport clients internationally, do not check this box.

Enable Vacation Mode

If unavailable, activate the “Vacation Mode” to prevent client bookings.

Customize the displayed message under “Vacation Mode Message”. 💡

Tip: Set a reminder to turn off “Vacation Mode” upon returning to work.

Display a Message for Booked Vehicles

Customize the message shown when a vehicle is already booked under “Message if Vehicle Already Booked”.

💡 Tips:

  • If subcontracting rides, increase vehicle availability by setting the vehicle count to 10 or 20 under the “Vehicles” section.
  • Consider adding your phone number in the message, prompting customers to call and not miss out on the service.

Set a Booking Lead Time

To set a lead time for bookings, enter the desired number and unit.

E.g., a 30-minute lead time means bookings can only be made 30 minutes in advance.

💡 Tip: If no lead time is desired, set the number to 0 and unit to minutes.

Round Up Prices

Enable “Round Up Pricing” under Options to display rounded prices.

E.g., $14.19 becomes $14.00.

Apply a Minimum Distance

  • Check “Minimum Distance” under Options.
  • Enter the desired distance in kilometers.
  • Customize the message.
  • Click “Save” to apply changes.

Apply a Maximum Distance

  • Check “Maximum Distance” under Options.
  • Enter the desired distance in kilometers.
  • Customize the message.
  • Click “Save” to apply changes.

Accept Rides within a Specific Area

Set a specified region of operation:

  • Check “Region of Acceptance” under Options.
  • Customize the message.
  • Set the desired region on the map.
  • Click “Save” to apply changes.

Charge Approach Fees

  • Check “Approach Fees” under Options.
  • Input your base location under “City of Attachment”.
  • Specify a price per kilometer and a minimum billing distance.
  • Click “Save”.


E.g., If your car is 10 km away from a pickup location and you charge $1 per kilometer with a minimum of 5 km, the approach fee is $5.

Add a Contact Phone Number

  • Access your account.
  • Click on “My Account”.
  • Enter your phone number under “Phone”.
  • Click “Update”.

Accept Online Payments (via Stripe)

paiement en ligne stripe taxi vtc

To enable online payments, an active Stripe account is required:

  • Open an account on Stripe.
  • Stripe processes payments between the booking module and your bank account.
  • To activate online payments for ClickChauffeur:
    • ⚠️ Note: Online payment settings are only accessible via computer, not mobile.
    • Navigate to settings.
    • Check “Online Payments”.
    • Click on “Manage my Account”.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions on Stripe. Once set up, online payments will be enabled on ClickChauffeur.