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Documentation -> Flat Rates

All possible configurations in the "Flat Rates" tab.

On this page, find out how to:

Add a Flat Rate

Watch the video above to see how to add a new flat rate.

Duplicate a Flat Rate for Another Vehicle

To duplicate a flat rate, click on the icon that looks like two files.

Your duplicated flat rate will be added subsequently.

💡 Tip: If you own more than two types of vehicles, duplicate your flat rates and just change the vehicle type and prices.
This way, you’ll have an identical flat rate but with different prices based on the vehicle.

💡 Tip: Save time by duplicating flat rates that start from the same area and only change the destination and prices.

Edit a Flat Rate

To edit a flat rate:

– Click on the pencil icon on the line of the flat rate you want to edit

– Modify the desired information

– Click the “Save” button

Delete a Flat Rate

To delete a flat rate:

– Click on the red trash can icon

– Click the “Delete” button

⚠️ Warning: Deletion is permanent.