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Explore all the possible configurations in the "Vehicles" tab.

On this page, find out how to:

Add a Vehicle

To introduce a new vehicle:

  1. Click on “Module” > “Vehicles” > “New Vehicle”.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name: The vehicle’s name or range that will be displayed.
    • Passenger Space: Number of available seats.
    • Luggage Space: Amount of luggage the vehicle can accommodate.
    • Number Owned: Quantity of vehicles of this type you own. (Tip: If you subcontract rides, consider setting a higher number like 10 or 20.)
    • Starting Price: Initial cost for the ride.
    • €/Km: Price per kilometer.
    • €/Minute: Cost per minute (set to 0 if not applicable).
    • €/Passenger: Additional charge per passenger (set to 0 if not applicable).
    • Minimum Fare: Lowest possible fare for this vehicle range in the booking module.

⚠️ Note: All fields must be filled out. Input 0 if you don’t want to utilize a particular field.

Finally, click “Add”.

Edit a Vehicle

To make changes to a vehicle:

  1. Click on “Module” > “Vehicles”.
  2. Select the pencil icon to edit. Adjust the vehicle’s configurations as needed.
  3. Click “Save”.

Delete or Temporarily Deactivate a Vehicle

  • To Delete: Click on the red trash bin icon.
  • To Deactivate/Reactivate: Click on the orange “Power” button icon.