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Managing Bookings

On this page, find out how to:

Manage a New Booking

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When a client places an order on your website:

  • You will receive an email.

  • The booking will appear under the “Bookings” section with an initial status of “Awaiting Confirmation”.

  • To access the booking options, click on the three dots under the “ACTIONS” column:

    • View Details: Examine the specifics of the ride and customer information.
    • Confirm: Accept the booking. Once confirmed, the client receives a notification stating that their booking is validated.
    • Cancel: Decline the booking, for example, if you’re unavailable. You can include a message to inform the client of the cancellation reason.
    • Share: Delegate the ride to a colleague or an employee.
    • Delete: Erase the booking from the system.

Export Bookings

exporter reservations

To export your bookings:

  • Click on the “Reports” button.

  • Select your preferred export format:

    • CSV: This format allows you to open and view your bookings in Excel or Google Sheets.