Article 1. Purpose
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the provision of a SaaS reservation software for professional clients authorized to conduct a passenger transport activity. The client’s use of the ClickChauffeur module marketed by Webaudit France SARL necessarily implies acceptance of these general terms of use.

Article 2. Order and installation
Upon receipt of the order by Webaudit France SARL, the client will receive links to the email address provided, allowing him/her to connect to their administrative interface. The order date will be recognized as the activation date of the commercial contract. Installation of the module on Webaudit France SARL’s server will be effective within a maximum of 48 hours.

Article 3. Financial conditions
In exchange for the right to use the ClickChauffeur module, including assistance and maintenance services, the Client must pay a subscription. If a client chooses a monthly subscription offer, a direct debit will be made using the bank card registered at the time of order every month. Webaudit France SARL reserves the right to request payment by any other means in case of bank card failure. In case of a single payment for a “lifetime” offer, only one payment must be made by the client. In case of non-payment of the subscription fee, Webaudit France SARL can decide to suspend the service and contract.

Article 4. Access to the reservation module
The ClickChauffeur reservation module is available online at the internet address provided by email when installing the module on the server. The client must have an internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer to access the admin interface. Webaudit France SARL disclaims any liability in case of current or future incompatibility of the reservation module. If the client cannot access the service, they should notify Webaudit France SARL via the website. Webaudit France SARL may identify the issue and issue a refund if no solution is found.

Article 5. Physical resources
To host the ClickChauffeur SaaS solution, Webaudit France SARL has its resources. If a client excessively uses these resources, Webaudit France SARL will notify the client and propose a service adapted to the client’s consumption.

Article 6. Data security
The client is solely responsible for using the ClickChauffeur SaaS solution. They must ensure that they do not intentionally or unintentionally transmit their connection credentials. The client is also responsible for managing and securing data from their customers generated by using ClickChauffeur.

Article 7. Backup
Webaudit France SARL will back up all data daily. In case of a server issue or on Webaudit France SARL’s side, they will be able to restore data to H-24. If the client makes an error, Webaudit France SARL may charge for database restoration at the current rate.

Article 8. Service availability
The server’s availability, which Webaudit France SARL uses for hosting and operating the ClickChauffeur SaaS solution, is 99.99%. Webaudit France SARL reserves the right to restrict access for an indefinite period in case of maintenance. They will not be liable for loss of revenue or potential customers during service downtime. The lifetime offer is valid as long as the service continues to be marketed. Clients opting for the lifetime offer will benefit from the version of the ClickChauffeur SaaS solution available at the time of purchase. Webaudit France SARL can stop marketing the ClickChauffeur SaaS solution at any time without notice.

Article 9. Configuration requests
Webaudit France SARL offers assistance with installation on the client’s website and configuration. They will charge any such intervention at the current rate. The client must provide access to any platform needed for the final implementation of ClickChauffeur. A customer service is available on request via the website.

Article 10. Subscription termination
The Client can now cancel the subscription directly via the client interface on the website The Client must log in, click on their identifier, select “my subscription” and then “cancel plan” to proceed with the cancellation of the subscription. Webaudit France SARL will activate the cancellation within 48 hours following the request. The subscription is non-binding and is automatically renewed every month on the initial subscription date by the Client. Any month started is due.

For new customers, ClickChauffeur offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee gives new customers full access to the module and its features. If, for any reason whatsoever, the customer is not satisfied with the service during this period, he can request a full refund by sending his request directly from his customer area. For former customers, this guarantee does not apply. During the 14-day period, the Customer may at any time decide to cancel the subscription in accordance with the procedure described above and request a refund.Article 11. Usage limit

In case of inappropriate use of the reservation tool: excessive consumption of resources, use on multiple websites, clear scam, unauthorized use for passenger transport, or any action by the client not in compliance with laws or these GTC, Webaudit France SARL reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice.

Article 12. Refunds
Payments received by Webaudit France SARL are non-refundable. Only a refund of the initial payment may be made if it’s impossible to install the ClickChauffeur reservation module on the client’s final website.

Article 13. Confidentiality
Webaudit France SARL can use client data for advertising purposes or sell it. Furthermore, they can use data collected by the client via the ClickChauffeur SaaS solution for advertising or service maintenance. In compliance with European GDPR legislation, the client can request access to, consult, and amend or correct information held by Webaudit France SARL about them.

Article 14. Applicable rules
The ClickChauffeur SaaS solution is published by Webaudit France SARL, a French company. Therefore, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by French law. In case of any dispute related to these GTC, Webaudit France SARL and the client grant exclusive jurisdiction to the Chambery, Savoie, France commercial court. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are available during the order and will be fully accepted by the client.