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A booking module for Driver and Taxi to install on your website in 5 minutes

EXCLUSIVE : A simple and reliable booking module for Taxi and Driver with your own rates to convert your visitors into customers directly from your website

The Indispensable Tool For Taxis and Driver

When a visitor is on your site, the objective is that he becomes your customer.

To do this, you must inspire confidence.

This requires a clean website and a simple, complete, functional and reliable reservation module.

Our team is composed of developers and a former carrier (Private Driver). Together, we have created 243 websites for cabs and Drivers.

The objective for which we work is to provide customers to all private drivers and cabs who wish to develop their business.

By experience, we know that a reservation module is essential to convert a visitor into a customer.

It is indeed the best way to distinguish yourself from the competition and to bring a real advantage to your transport offer.

80% of the time, here’s the path a customer takes to get around without using an app:

  1. Search for a driver on Google
  2. Visit the website
  3. Consult the rates via the reservation module
  4. Booking by phone or online

Point n°3 is crucial. Indeed, it is essential that a visitor can have an estimate of the price of the journey.

Like when you go to a gas station outside your city, the price per liter must be displayed for you to decide to fill up here or elsewhere. If no price, no reservation.

Accept online reservations on your site

reservation en ligne vtc taxi

Maybe you have already tried to install a booking module on your WordPress site or tried to find a module for Wix or other.

Very often the booking software for drivers and cab depend on a technology and are difficult to set up.

But thanks to ClickChauffeur you are able to offer your customers the ideal booking tool for drivers and cabs.

It is 100% compatible with all websites, even a website you made yourself.

The display on smartphones and tablets can also leave something to be desired when the module is willing to display at all!

You often can’t set your own rates on the module and the reservation management can leave something to be desired.

Also, if you have an international clientele, not all reservation modules have translation capabilities. And you miss out on an international clientele.

All these elements make that too many cabs and drivers arrive at a conclusion that we find too often: the lack of bookings and an unprofitable website.

For all these reasons, we have created a new exclusive booking module that will improve your conversion rate

Get now an access to set up a reservation module whether you are a cab or a drivers.

Complete and functional drivers and cab reservation module

All available options

  • Installation in 5 minutes on any type of website (WordPress, Wix, Jimdo, etc.)
  • 100% compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Reservation management
  • Reservation form
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Customized prices
    • Pick up and drop off
    • Price per person
    • Price per kilometer
    • Decreasing price according to the number of kilometers
    • Addition of extras (example: baby seat)
  • Choice of the number of passengers
  • Choice of the number of luggage
  • Export of customers
  • Choice of currency (EUR, CHF, USD, GBP, etc.)
  • Validation of your general sales conditions
  • Payment to the driver or online via Paypal
  • Customizable deposit
  • Booking delays (from one hour)
  • English translation (Russian and other languages to come)
  • Choice of colors among 10 graphic themes
  • Etc.

Simplicity and efficiency

The exclusive ClickChauffeur cab and drivers booking module can be easily installed in 5 minutes on any type of website (WordPress, Wix, Jimdo, etc…).

This module is 100% compatible on all supports: computers, tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to this module, no more reservation management problems. You control everything from A to Z. You can edit in a few clicks your reservation forms to organize your shopping.

You also have the possibility to enter an unlimited number of vehicles and describe them precisely. It is for you the possibility of putting forward your sedan or your van for example.

You have total control over your prices (pick-up, price per person, price per kilometer, sliding scale price according to the number of kilometers or the addition of extra such as a baby seat for example).

It is possible to manage the choice of the number of passengers according to the capacity of your vehicle as well as the choice of the number of luggage.

Export your database of customers who have already ordered for your marketing campaigns and communicate on events or promotions.

You can also choose your currency (EUR, CHF, USD, GBP, ect…), and define how you will be paid according to the available payment methods (online, cash, via Paypal). You can also set up down payments to secure your reservations.

You are also free to set your booking deadlines so that you are never caught off guard with a last minute order. 

And all this without any commitment!

Moreover, we make up to 15 updates per year to bring new features or optimize existing options.

Easy installation and quick setup

Ordering your new ClickChauffeur drivers and Taxi booking module is very simple.

As soon as you make the choice to boost your activity and to order, we create your new secured space where you will be able to set up your new module completely and without difficulty.

If you have any questions during the installation, a support team is available to help you install the module.

The installation is extremely simple and you can do it yourself with a simple copy and paste directly from your website editor without any technical knowledge required.

Order now a booking module to take reservations through your website.

Can be installed without technical knowledge on any type of website

Access a 100% secure space

Install the module in 5 steps

1. Order the reservation module
100% secure payment, no obligation offer

2. Set up of your secure access
Creation of your space within 24 hours by a technician

3. Setting up the module
Set up the reservation module simply online

4. Installation of the module on your site
Put it online with a simple copy and paste on your site

5. Take reservations directly on your site
Manage the races you receive online

Installable on your site or your money back

Of course, we have thought about your comfort of use throughout the development of our new service. 

You will find here a complete documentation for the ClickChauffeur drivers and Taxi reservation module: 

  • Installation guide
  • Configuration guide
  • Guide to go online

In case of problem with the installation of the new module, our customer service is available on request by contact form.

An account manager will answer you as soon as possible to efficiently implement your new reservation module.

This module can be fully integrated into your site and if this is not the case you can give us access to your site so that we can take care of it.

If a technical problem occurs during the installation and it is impossible, you are assured of a 100% refund.

Rates drivers and Taxi Booking Module

Lifetime offer

Booking module for Drivers and Taxi
499 one time only
  • Access to the configuration interface
  • Put online with simple copy and paste
  • A single payment
  • 1 year customer support

Monthly offer

Booking module for Drivers and Taxi
49 excl. tax Per month
  • Access to the configuration interface
  • Put online with simple copy and paste
  • A single payment
  • Without commitment

Exclusive and limited offer

It’s a brand new booking module for drivers and Taxi that we present to you today in exclusivity. It is the result of a long research and a thorough development.

We offer you a preview, knowing that you would be particularly interested in this new professional tool.

After having tested all the modules of the competition, we are convinced to offer you the best booking tool for private chauffeur drivers and cab.

While developing this new tool, we took into account all the remarks and recommendations of professional drivers.

We now propose you to benefit from it and to improve your number of reservations quickly.

ClickChauffeur Module

Most other modules

Frequently asked questions

How do I integrate the module into my site?

The booking module for cab and drivers is integrated thanks to a code that is copied on your website.
This code called “HTML” is available directly in your interface. So you can copy it at any time to integrate it on your website.
You just have to copy the code where you want your module to appear.
Don’t hesitate to ask your webmaster if necessary, otherwise we can intervene in case of difficulties.

What do I need to make the tool work?

To make the tool work, all you need is a Google API key.
An API key is a string of numbers and letters that links two tools together.
You need to link the module to your Google account.
An API key is unique and personal, so you need to create it. This can be done in a few minutes.
You can find the whole procedure to get it in our documentation section.

What if I can't integrate the module?

The installation of the drivers and cab reservation module is very simple. However, if you have any difficulty we can install the module on the page of your choice.
For that, you just have to send us your login and password so that we can intervene directly on the site.
If you have a non-secure site, the installation will be difficult, that’s why we offer you a refund if you are not able to use the booking tool.

What are the future updates?

Several updates are planned. They concern the addition of packages to airports, train stations and other areas of your choice.
We are also planning to translate the booking module into Russian, Spanish and the most used languages of the world.
As the updates enrich the tool, we may increase the price of the booking module.
However, current customers will benefit from the updates for free.

What is the purpose of documentation?

The documentation of the ClickChauffeur reservation module allows you to correctly set up your tool.
You will learn how to add a vehicle, describe it, add an option or modify your rates.
In the form of short videos, the complete documentation allows you to familiarize yourself and to take in hand perfectly the drivers and cab reservation software which accompanies you daily in your activity.
The documentation is regularly updated.

How do I contact customer support?

The customer support is reachable by email. The response time is usually less than 24 hours except Saturday and Sunday.
You can contact us for any questions related to the cab and drivers reservation software.
For example, if you have a problem with the installation or with a parameter setting. You can also ask for a duplicate invoice.
In all cases, we take the time to answer you.

What are the limitations to using the module?

You can use and distribute the module on the site of your choice whether it is in France or abroad.
The use of the reservation module is however reserved to one site only.
If you need another module, it will be necessary to place another order.
You cannot use the module for illegal transport services (drugs, prostitution, weapons, etc.).
The collection of data (RGPD) is your responsibility.

Can we suggest improvements?

Aware of your needs in the field, we are open to any improvement of the ClickChauffeur booking tool for drivers and cab.
You can send us all your suggestions directly by mail.
We study each of them and we plan to integrate the ones that are technically feasible and that could benefit to the greatest number.
If there is a particular need, we can make a detailed estimate.

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